World record for heaviest cauliflower won by Peter Glazebrook -27.485kg!


Peter Glazebrook with his giant Cauliflower
Peter Glazebrook with his giant Cauliflower

Peter Galzebrook from Newark in the East Midlands has smashed the  record for the world’s heaviest cauliflower by over three 3kg. The prize specimen, which was over 6 foot across the foliage was measured at his home because there were no vegetable show venues at this time of year. On the 27th April 2014  the Telegraph newspaper reported that there was another specimen measured on the day but that only came to 23.22kg.

Mr Glazebrook made another attempt at the record last year but was thwarted by the miserable weather and interminable winter. This year due to the mild autumn and spring he has managed to achieve yet another record. After all this is his fifth; he already owns four world records for the longest beetroot and parsnip and the heaviest onion and potato.

The previous world record had stood since 1999 and was held by Alan Hattersley of Sheffield, whose vegetable weighed 24.6kg.

The Telegraph reported that:

‘Kevin Fortey, a hobbyist giant vegetable growing expert and friend of Mr Glazebrook said: “The vegetables take a lot of time and dedication from the growers and are costly to produce. There’s not been a cauliflower grown this big since 1999. It’d probably feed the entire royal family. Peter’s wife, Mary has been busy chopping up the cauli and freezing it.”‘

The variety was Darwin and was grown from plugs planted in July 2013 in Mr Glazebrook’s greenhouse. The plants were watered  frequently with calcium nitrate, which was changed to a high potash feed once they started to heart up in March.

Peter Glazebrook’s other records

world’s longest beetroot- 21ft

world’s longest parsnip- 19ft 0 .45in 

the world’s heaviest onion at 8.195kg

the world’s heaviest potato at 4.98kg.