The NEW VEGGIE GARDENING WEBSITE for people interested in producing their own food and lots of it.

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growing veg


Welcome to the new site for the vegetable gardener on growing vegetables-

Here you will not only find a mine of hints and tips for cultivating veg, but also all the news in the world of veg. What is new, who is doing it and where can you get it from. It will provide links to the best advice and will eventually give you access to discounts, freebies and competitions to help make this incredibly rewarding  pastime  even more so.

Curly Kale in the Chelsea Flower Sow Garden by Mary Paine in 2011.
Curly Kale in the Chelsea Flower Sow Garden by Mary Paine in 2011.

For those of you gardening on a shoestring, guidance, tips and techniques will be here in abundance and here is where we will hope for your contributions in the form of feed back and tips you would like to share. Because we have no affiliations with any big business, we are not hampered and hedged in by health and safety in the use of harmless natural substances or household chemicals. Neither do we have to use  government approved and tested remedies in order to recommend cures for pests or problems. Although we prefer the organic approach, we are not fettered by the morality in the extreme when if faced with the inevitability of say a crop failure it may be time to bend the rules in our favour- an example might be for instance the judicious use of Andrews Liver Salts to rescue a flagging blueberry shrub affected by soil or watered with water with a high pH. After all Lawrence D. Hills who is the  godfather of the modern organic movement, advocated boiling up the stubs of cigarette ends to extract the nicotine in order to produce an exceedingly effective pesticide!

So once again -welcome to growing veg info.

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