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We are a gardener and garden designer of over 42years professional experience, including in arboriculture, having worked on a Gold medal and ‘Best Show Garden’ at Chelsea, produced the top award winning at the Garden Show at the South West of England Show Ground and a BALI National Award Garden Design for Bristol Water Offices in Bristol.

Also a writer with over 400 published articles and six books on horticulture.

Also a professional photographer with over 2000 published images and an illustrator who has provided pictures for innumerable magazines and illustrated 3 books from cover to cover and art for several websites past and present.

We are Peter J. May….

I have been producing vegetables for my own consumption for over four and a half decades. Gardening is in the blood, going back generations. Many of my ancestors were professional gardeners,  market garden workers or farm workers. Gardening was what everyone knew in our family. It was ‘common knowledge’ and my parents did their best to steer me away from what was ‘common’ and mundane by sending me to a good school, a boarding school, to learn something that would enable me to ‘better’ myself. Get up a higher rung on the ladder of fortune- so to speak.

The school they sent me to did its best to divert me from any interest in gardening. Gardening, mostly weeding and mass pruning, was used as a punishment for minor crimes like talking after lights out, running down the corridor or having dirty shoes. Three such unconscionable acts would qualify you for ‘six-of-the-best’ or being ‘gated’ for a fortnight. The six of the cane option was often thought of a the preferred option since it wiped the slate clean and let you off the whole afternoon of gardening.

Anyway, perhaps there is a streak of sadomasochism running through me, because I am still doing it- gardening (and still talking after lights out and running down corridors). It has kept me going for a long time workwise. Not filthy rich, just filthy and I often console myself that if I were stranded on a desert island I might be able to cultivate something to stay alive – that is if I could stay alive long enough to cultivate and grow the stuff.

So, here is a website in which I hope to pass on a bit (or a lot) of what I know that works. Tips from the trade- so to speak.  Also I will pass on links and offers from friends and contacts I have made in the trade over the years. These may come as news related to topical events or new ideas in horticulture (like the 2014 – Tomatoes that has potatoes on its roots- might make you laugh), but most of it will be just news of new varieties, which will be a good thing for you, especially if I can get you some freebies one way or another.

And as things develop there will be more and more to keep you coming back and back and back…

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